Beach Chair Breakthrough!

I'm known for hanging on to a beach chair. To the point of them rusting, breaking bit by bit - basically slowly disintegrating after repeated summer usage. To be honest, I'm known for buying pretty crappy ones in the first place. Largely because I'm a beach blanket boy.

But the beach chair that swivels? Count. Me. In.

And now, thanks to a 52-year-old postal worker, beach chairs do swivel. New Jersey's Joe Block is the inventor of the Orbit Beach Chair. It is the only beach chair on the market where the sitter is able to spin around.

Block has had previous inventions that didn't work out such as a cigarette lighter with a colored flame, women's shoes that convert from high heel to pump. But he says that after five years of design and manufacturing, the Orbit Beach Chair is a winner.

It hit the market four weeks ago, and I have to agree.

(Pictured: My beach chair this summer - so beaten down and dilapidated that a generous beachgoer lent me his sweet Tommy Bahamas one, placed behind it. But it don't swivel!)

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