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Will you spend $3,499 on the Apple Vision Pro?

Are we in a new bull market?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane are concerned that many analysts think we are already in a new bull market. Bond bulls bet Fed is right in anticipating low rates to return. Interest-only loans helped commercial property boom. Now they're coming due. Half of large firms plan to cut office space. The SEC is suing Binance and its controlling shareholder. If the economy is so bad, why is the labor market so good?

Money set aside for homebuyers ends up in big banks instead

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong chat about $1.5 trillion backstop for homebuyers proping up banks instead. What is the FHBA and what does it do? What is a zombie mortgage and why is it causing many Americans to be foreclosed on? Apple is set to launch new VR headset, its first major product launch in a decade. Twitter's US ad sales declined by 59%. Eggs are finally going on sale just months after hitting record prices. American Airlines has a radical plan to reinvent business travel. Volkswagen is rebooting its 60's-era VW Bus.

Feds interest rate strategy is getting tricky

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss Wall Street backing off bets on Fed rate hikes. The Feds interest rate strategy is getting tricky as plans to skip a hike emerge. Bearish bets against the S&P500 are surging, despite love for Big Tech. Nvidia has been priced to the moon, has it been priced too high? Saudi Arabia cuts oil output after OPEC members clash over quotas. One in two financial professionals said they would quit their job instead of return to the office.

Beef, it's too expensive for dinner

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti are worried about their dinner plans because beef is rapidly increasing in price due to a cattle supply shortage. Amazon is in talks to bundle mobile phone service as a perk for Prime subscribers. Verizon's stock took a big hit when the news got released. Money stored in Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, could be vulnerable due to lack of FDIC insurance. Apple customers say its hard to get money out of accounts. Apple is stepping into the Metaverse, does anyone care?

How are markets reacting to the jobs report?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti dive into the unexpected results from the jobs report and look at how far off the expectations were. Is unemployment unnaturally low? US factories are 'hoarding labor' to prevent what happened to them during the pandemic. Massachusetts mistakenly used $2.5B in Federal money to fund jobless benefits. Is this mistake going to cost the taxpayers big time? Investors have soured on Chinese stocks and renew fears about the economy. Wall Street banks are using AI to rewire the world of finance.

AI stock rally stalls

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss the AI stock rally stalling out as Nvidia drops back below $1T. As US races ahead, Europe frets about battery factory subsidies. Rising costs are prompting more adult children to sell the homes they inherit from their parents. Twitter is now worth 1/3 of what Elon Musk paid for it, according to Fidelity. Paul LaMonica joins the show to chat about Macy's brutal earnings report and what the future holds for the former retail giant.

Business is slowing, so companies are juicing profits

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti give a quick thirty second update on the debt-ceiling deal, which is now in the hands of the Senate. The Fed prepares to skip June rate rise but likely hike later. Businesses are utilizing funny accounting to bolster profits for their earnings reports. Birth rates stayed flat in 2022, numbers way down for younger women. Shifting demographics in the US are concerning for some economists.

Ask Todd: When a 'will' becomes a won't

Todd Lutsky, Cushing and Dolan, stops by to detail why a 'will' alone is not a sufficient estate plan. Todd goes into what a 'will' will do for you and won't do for you and why an estate plan needs to be more well rounded. Todd takes calls from the audience with specific questions about preparing or adjusting their existing estate plans.

Home prices are on the rise again

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti take a look at how home prices are back on the rise for the second month in a row and how we got here with the housing market. Ted Rossman,, joins the show to chat about travel inflation and how Americans are adjusting their travel plans this summer. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers sees US interest rates heading higher in the short-run, but US taxes rising significantly in the long-run. Workers say high costs, caregiving duties, and long commutes are keeping people out of the office.