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Ask Todd: Reducing estate taxes

US consumers can't keep ignoring credit-card interest rates

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss US consumers need to wake up to 'out of control' interest on their credit cards. October's JOLTS report showed the labor market is no longer moderating, it's moderating. Companies are going broke gradually, not suddenly. International airline group expects a banner year for travel in 2024. 23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9M users.

What did the stock market teach us this year?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss treasury yields dropping to lowest levels since the summer. What the stock market taught us this year: don't fall for these investment traps. Todd Lutsky joins the show for his weekly segment, Ask Todd. Todd takes a look at reducing your estate taxes and increasing asset protection.

Did markets go too far too fast?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti wonder if markets surged too far too fast for the economy's sake. Tim Quirk, CEO of Final Offer, joins the show to talk about the impacts of the recent NAR court ruling and how his company is striving to solve a long-standing problem in the housing market. CVS plans to overhaul how much drugs cost. Green investors were crushed, now it's time to make money. 68,000 gallons of 'unfit' Olive Oil seized by Italy and Spain.

Signs of a weakening job market

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti jump into the job opening report that came in well below expectations. What are the signs showing the job market could be weakening? For labor unions, 2023 was the year of the strike, and big victories. NYC workers get a raise to $16 per hour minimum wage. Moody's cuts China credit outlook to negative on growing debt risks. More US holiday shoppers turn to 'buy now, pay later' loans.

What is income? The Supreme Court is about to tell us.

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss an ongoing case infront of the Supreme Court that might dramatically change the US tax code. Corey Adams, Regional Manager for Robert Half, joins the show to chat about the latest survey that breaks down holiday bonuses. When you call Social Security, expect to wait even longer. Why repairing your EV is so expensive. Why Biden touts jobs when Americans care about prices. For the first time, most golfers play off-course.

The next two weeks will tell us a lot about recession in 2024

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong detail why the next two weeks of data releases will give us much better insight into recession odds for 2024. Powell brushes off rate-cut bets as Fed moves carefully. Investors snagged 1 in 5 homes for sale in Greater Boston. Spotify to layoff 17% of staff, its third round of job cuts this year. Alaska Air reaches deal to buy Hawaiian Airlines. Gold price hits all-time high as traders bet on interest-rates. Bitcoin surges past $42,000 as crypto rally gathers steam.

Why I love Elon Musk!

Chuck Zodda shares his love of Elon Musk of the release of the Cybertruck. Mike Armstrong chats with Sarah Foster,, about pay raises in 2023 and how most Americans wages increased pass inflation, but sentiment remains low. Four lucrative tax deductions that seniors often overlook. The big risk causing investors to shun China. McDonald's overhauls its biggest item. Paul LaMonica joins the show to talk about Charlie Munger's greatest contribution to the investment world.

Can the November rally continue into December?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how markets greatly increased in November and if the data still points to a soft landing. ISM survey shows 'demand remains soft', index is negative for the 13th straight month. Retail traders cash out on bet that market rally is nearing an end. OPEC+ agrees to significant oil-production cut. Everett soccer stadium for the Revolution hits legislative roadblock, again. Wayfair undergoes multiple, small rounds of layoffs.

Americans are doom spending! What is doom spending?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss Americans continue their 'doom spending' and why this is a growing problem. Cigna and Humana are in talks for a blockbuster merger. Elon Musk uses the 'F' word for advertisers boycotting the platform. IBM will end its 401(k) match and will instead offer a hybrid plan. OPEC+ mulls new oil production cuts amid Middle East conflict. Kraft's newest Mac & Cheese is ditching the cheese.