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Is $100,000 per year really not enough anymore?

How higher rates are going to impact important sectors

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss the impacts on markets if rates stay higher for longer. Does the markets reaction to the Iran/Israel conflict mean they are not in a bubble. Are China's factories driving an economic recovery? Why did Bank of Americas shares drop after the release of its earnings report? Are there overlooked threats to the global economy?

Apple is dealing with the worst iPhone slump since the pandemic

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why Apple is facing its worst iPhone slump since covid. What does retirement look like for those with less than $1M saved? Why is Hawaii becoming a leader in EV adoption? Samsung gets a $6.4B boost for its Texas chip plant. A huge number of homeowners have mortgage rates too good to give up. Deepfakes are coming for the financial sector.

What does higher for longer mean for the stock market?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the retail sales data that came in much hotter than expected. What does higher for longer mean for the stock market? Oil prices are retreating after Iran attacked Israel. Gold is back, and it has a message for us. What are some of the things Chinese economists are watching to see if the rebound is real?

Common misconceptions about gold as an inflation hedge

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong share why they believe gold is not a good hedge against inflation and the notion that it is is outdated by a few decades. The US had a chance to lead in chipmaking tech, and missed it. Apple plans to overhaul its entire Mac line with AI-focused M4 chips. Top Amazon executive says it is a 'myth' that robots actually steal jobs. Paul LaMonica joins the show to chat about Netflix pushing its way into the Magnificent Seven.

Interest rates have investors concerned. Will profits give them some comfort?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into the earnings from JPMorgan and Wells Fargo. Why did the banks drop when they beat forecasts? Interest rates have investors worried. Profits give them comfort. Home buyers lose hope for lower rates. Renters are enjoying cheap rent, but it won't last. Why car insurance costs are skyrocketing and leading to higher inflation.

How the DAV helps disabled veterans

Dan Stack, Dept. Adjutant - DAV, joins the show to discuss what the DAV is doing to help disabled veterans in Massachusetts, how volunteers are impacting the lives of those veterans, and how to register for this year's DAV5K on Castle Island, November 9th.

Home prices are sky high and so are the costs of owning a home

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why the costs of home ownership are skyrocketing. Dan Stack, Dept. Adjutant - DAV, joins the show to talk about the amazing initiatives the organization engages in to make disabled vets lives easier. Dan shares the details to register for this year's DAV5K on Castle Island. You still have time to make an IRA contribution before tax day. There is a new fashion trend taking over across the country, and it's horrible.

Forget cuts, we might get rate hikes instead

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the PPI data that came in better than expected. Fed rate cuts are now a matter of if, not when. We expected multiple rate cuts this year, but we might be getting rate hikes instead. The job-market looks solid, but there are signs of weakness, or are there? Is the boom-or-bust cycle dead?

Ask Todd: Building a successful gifting strategy

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, shares his expertise on building a successful gifting strategy in your estate plan and why your beneficiaries need you to have a plan. Todd takes questions from the audience about their personal retirement needs.