September 2016 marked Vinnie Penn's 20th year on Connecticut radio. Penn first hit the WELI airwaves in Fall 1996, only to soon be tapped to co-host Glenn Beck's KC101 morning show in the studio next door the following Spring. By 2001 Penn was a regular on Howard Stern (even making broadcasting history by being on with Stern on 9/11). Vinnie moved to Sirius Satellite Radio in 2005. He created segments for several channels at Sirius, and one of his stand-up comedy shows was a top request on the Raw Dog channel. Originally a music journalist, his own column ran for seven years in the Connecticut Post. In 2000 he had a joke book published, "The Mother Load", which went on to become one of the publisher's best sellers, and in 2005 he contributed the short story "Diary of a Superhero" to the Contemporary Press anthology "Danger City". It has since been optioned to be made into a TV series for Sony. Vinnie's work has appeared in national magazines as diverse as Maxim, MSN, Hit Parader, Parent Cracked and the late, great Circus. He did a season of VH1's popular Best Week Ever, Showbiz Tonight and presently appears on Fox & Friends and Nancy Grace. Vinnie's first non-fiction hardcover, "Guidos Credos", landed on shelves in December 2008, with his second book, "DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead" released in2012. Meantime, he returned to CT radio, on 960/WELI with the weekday morning talk show "The Vinnie Penn Project" in January 2011. It is now simulcast on NewsRadio 1410 WPOP (Hartford).