New Businesses Are Popping Up!

The list of Connecticut restaurants that closed their doors for good in 2020 is too long to get into here, with one Ibiza location being the latest. The list of new restaurants is doable though.

From burgeoning chain Bartaco setting up shop on Temple Street in New Haven (delivery only) to Camacho Garage opening in Westville (with legendary CT chef Arturo Franco, of Shell & Bones, Roomba, et al, at the helm), the end of the year saw the Elm City get a nice shot (of tequila) in the arm.

Speaking of delivery only, A.M. Bagel was doing just that - and began in March 2020, no less - only to now have their shop set up at 111 New Haven Avenue.

In Branford, in a stalwart Italian restaurant location, comes Doma Trattoria. I, for one, anxiously await the doors opening there. It's walking distance, baby!