More Prom Dress Distress

Utah senior Keziah Daum decided to browse a vintage store in downtown Salt Lake City for a dress to what she has referred to as her "last prom." She came across a red cheongsam, also known as a qipao — one of those high-collared, form-fitting traditional Chinese dresses. 

Daum, who is not Chinese, appreciated its high neckline, something difficult to find in many prom dresses. Human beings with an actual life also seem fairly difficult to find these days. Come prom night she posted a photo in her dress alongside her friends. “PROM,” she wrote. That's when all hell broke loose. 

“My culture is NOT your …. prom dress,” one dope tweeted. He - that's right, he - then shared the pics to what simply has to be an enormous fan base. 

“This isn’t ok,” tweeted another lonely soul. "I wouldn’t wear traditional Irish or Swedish or Greek dress. There’s a lot of history behind these clothes.”

Couldn't one simply think of this as cultural appreciation

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