5 Things You Didn't Know About Blizzard '78

Who from 'round these parts doesn't remember the Blizzard of '78? I remember watching my father shove snow off the roof of our porch, while puffing away on a Lucky Strike. We got an amazing amount of time off from school. So much so rumors began circulating that the school year would end, like, 4th of July weekend. We had already been hit with enough snow that the roof of the Hartford Civic Center collapsed! We ALL remember that! 

But did you know/do you remember THIS: 

1. Throughout Eastern MA, automobile traffic was banned. Thousands of people skied on the quiet city streets

2. People were rushed to hospitals via snowmobile. 

3. Its name was Larry. Damned if I ever knew that. 

4. A 10-year-old disappeared into the snow just a few feet from his front door, his body not discovered for three weeks. 

5. Rhode Island was the hardest hit: 40 inches of snow. 40!

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