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Preview of Tuesday's Broadcast Girls BB - Mercy at Sacred Heart Academy

How about a look at Tuesday Night's Broadcast - Girls Basketball - Mercy at Sacred Heart Academy.

Coverage starts at 5:55pm on 960AM, 96.9FM & iheartradio. You can also WATCH the game on the Website.

Mercy is 7-2, SHA is 8-1. SHA's only loss is to Mercy 36-31 earlier in the season.

Tim Kohs coaches Mercy, Jason Kirck coaches SHA.

When the SCC Tournament begins, Mercy is in Division 1, while SHA is in Division 2. SHA, the Sharks, are a strong favorite to win the SCC Div. 2 Championship.

Mercy has also lost Lilly Hedge, one of the best players on the team.

The stage is set for the rematch.

Tigers - Sharks

Will the Sharks get revenge

Join me 5:55pm Let's find out together!

Photo credit to Getty Images

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