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Time for Some Teamwork

As the Fall Season approaches and the Fall Sports draw near, I think it's time for Teamwork. I mean teamwork among all the coaches, players, administrators and even officials to make the CIAC Plan for Fall Sports work.

As my grandson, Nathan, and I always say - "we're on the same page" and that's why we love each other so much. Everyone must be on the same page to make the Fall Sports succeed. I feel with a successful Fall Season, there will be a smoother transition to the Winter Season.

All the safety protocols must be adhered to by the players, coaches and officials. I believe the players will work hard to achieve the rules, because they want to play. The Coaches will work just as hard because they want the season to be smooth and the players to succeed.

So let's make the Fall Season go smoothly - end it November 15th. Then take some time to regroup and prepare for the Winter Season. I know we can all make this work.

Let's face it - Teamwork - the coaches teach that everyday.

But we all need to have teamwork - we all need to be on the same page

Then we'll all be on the same page - just like my grandson Nathan and me.

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