Cheshire at West Haven - Goralnik's Guesses

We are riding a winning streak here. Oh, hello and welcome back to the winner's table. Tonight is another matchup we can feast on. The Rams visit the Blue Devils for a battle down in West Haven.

Sitting at 6-2 and 4-0 as a married man, we are as hot as ever. I say we because you all win when I do so we are a team! Speaking of teams, I needed my studio teammate for support on this one tonight.

Our newest member of our team, Dylan Oxton, reminded me that a hot hand is one to ride. Also, a good run game goes a long way to winning home games. How could I forget so quickly? After all, that is the same mentality that led me to picking the Blue Devils upset win last week over the Green Knights!

West Haven continues to roll and gets the dub in this one and, with the help of Mr. Oxton, we move to 7-2. Be sure to see if Cheshire has an upset in them and watch the game with Coach's call on WELI.COM

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