Bobcats at Lawmen - Goralnik's Guesses

Ride the wave with me my friends and enjoy my success! That's right, Goralnik's Guesses is back to it's winning ways. Sitting PRETTY at 2-1 and Coach hands me Brookfield at Jonathan Law to feast upon. Just remember, when I win.... you win! And this is a golden match up to keep the dub-train moving.

I don't need to go into much detail on this game. It's Law at home. A decent Jonathan Law team that needs to redeem themselves after the slip up last week in Stratford.

You know how the song goes... I fought the Law and the Law won. Unfortunately for Brookfield, they are collateral damage to a team who's good at home and hungry to show out.

I'm going with Law in this one and you can watch with Coach's call on the game to see if my guess is accurate! Tune in on WELI.COM

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