Gaels at Spartans - Goralnik's Guesses

What a start to our broadcast season! It was an excellent first game of the year in a matchup that came down to the wire. In unsurprising fashion, Goralnik's Guesses came through with the "never-in-doubt" win. A start to the season of 1-0 is exactly what I had in mind after a tremendous Spring.

Tonight is a very exciting night because I have a better idea of what these teams look like. This evening Coach and Henry will head down to Amity to soak in the brand-new field as the Spartans host the 1-0 Shelton Gaels.

Normally I would like Shelton in a game like this. Let's be honest... Amity is know more for football and Shelton has had a solid football program for years. Something is different though. Amity is investing in their football program. The Spartans will be unveiling a brand new artificial field with a bright, shiny scoreboard. Amity is also well into the Craig Bruno regime and that staff comes with a lot of pasta e fagioli. That means a lot of carbs and proteins which is a winning meal for the field.

Despite both teams coming into this game with a 1-0 record, Amity made a statement last week with the shutout win. Throw in the debut of the new field and these Spartans will come out flying. Tonight will be the first Goralnik Guarantee of the new year as Amity will take this one.

Be sure to watch the game with Coach's call of the game right here on WELI.COM!!!

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