Spartans at Rams - Goralnik's Guesses

Welcome to the SCC Championship! Some games you really can't choose. Cheshire and Amity going for the Conference Title and this is about as even as a matchup as you can find. They even split with each other in the regular season.

So how would I pick a game like this you ask? I'll tell you and it's the same reason I am 11-3 this Spring Season: trust the gut. As you may know, I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and I know this is the point where many of you are asking what this has to do with High School Softball. Well I'll tell you that too and it's very superstitious.

The first game of the year, I didn't know who to go with and the two teams we featured (Foran and Jonathan Law) have the same colors as the Penguins and who they were playing the same day. Long story short, since the Penguins won their game, my pick was with Law simply because of the colors. And if you've followed our broadcast season, you already know I won that pick!

So sticking with the spirit, the Islanders just defeated the Penguins and ended their season. Now the Islanders are not the same colors as Cheshire but I have an uneasy feeling about black and yellow. Unfortunately for Amity, they rep the wrong colors tonight.

For that reason alone, I am going with Cheshire tonight. This is far from a guarantee but honestly, I do feel really good about this pick. Be sure to watch along with us on WELI.COM!

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