Trojans at Blue Devils - Goralnik's Guesses

Back to my winning ways? Indeed. When they prove you wrong, how can you bet against them the very next time out? You shouldn't and I didn't and North Haven's win on Wednesday pushed me up to 6-2 in this Spring Season. Overall Goralnik's Guesses is 17-12 with an even better Guarantee record. Tonight's game will be far from a guarantee.

Lyman Hall and West Haven are both evenly matched teams. The first meeting between these two teams showed that. We have covered a few games that West Haven has played in this year and I am 1-1 in those games.

In a tight matchup, the thing I look for is who has more to lose? In this case, the easy answer is also the home team. On top of that, the Blue Devils will be looking to get revenge on a game that held a lead in. That tells me West Haven has the confidence they can beat the Trojans and West Haven needs this game more than Lyman Hall. My only hope is that the Trojans don't have the Blue Devils' number.

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