Lawmen at Indians - Goralnik's Guesses

I've had a hot Spring Season as I am 5-1 so far. So what does Coach decide to do? Give Brian the back end of a double-header between two fairly well-matched teams. And the hardest thing of all is I have no idea who will have won the first game. I am going into this completely blind!

With that said, my success this spring has been largely based on one method: don't over think it. I am going to continue to do that tonight. North Haven is a solid bunch and certainly will be hungry. They will want both of these games so I am going to guess that maybe they came in ready to go. If maybe they got the win, there's no way they are sweeping Law. If they didn't get the win, here's to hoping they gassed themselves out in the first game.

Nonetheless, I am rolling with Jonathan Law. We have had the Lady Lawmen on a number of our broadcasts this spring and I have nailed every game they were in, including our opener against Foran back on April 10th. Let's stick with the hot hand here. I am currently 16-11 overall and look to keep it going with Jonathan Law tonight!

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