Lawmen at Blue Devils - Goralnik's Guesses

Every time I get hot, I put my foot in my mouth and jinx my run! Let me make this more simple. I did not like what I saw from West Haven on our last broadcast. East Haven pounced on the Blue Devils early and often to dominate the win. But the biggest thing for me is not that East Haven played well; it's that West Haven was so sloppy and had a number of errors. That'll result in a lot of losses. I know it wasn't West Haven's best game but Jonathan Law will be hungry tonight.

Law has a tremendous team and also beat West Haven 11-0 last time they met. I expect the same from Lady Law as they are fighting for a playoff spot and have all the motivation in the world.

I am 2-1 on this season (13-11 overall) and that's not all. Tonight we are dropping a stamp of Goralnik Guarantee on Jonathan Law winning this game. This is the first guarantee of the Spring Season and I am 3-1 overall when I drop the stamp!

Be sure to watch this game with the play-by-play on our WELI.COM webpage!

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