#2 Yellow Jackets at #1 Trojans - Goralnik's Guesses

Here we go again.... I had last night's game all but in the bag to walk out the door.... until Diamond White decided to pull out a pillow and sleep at the foul line. Couple our Hummel Hotdog POG's terrific game with a few late mistakes by Cross and you have a 10-9 record for Goralnik's Guesses. Two straight losses have me reeling so tonight, I am not over thinking this one. Tonight is personal. I have prior experience with the Trojan boy's basketball team and they have found a way to stick it to me, whether I pick them or not. Lyman Hall's hockey team has also added to the L column this year. Tonight is VERY personal.

Lyman Hall is good though, as they are the #1 seed in the tournament so it's certainly not personal enough for me to drop a Goralnik Guarantee. It is, however, a season in which East Haven feels like they have the team to go all the way. Not only that, they played Lyman Hall during the regular season and beat the Trojans by 13. They have the confidence that they can do it again, and this time for GOLD!
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