#5 Governors at #1 Blue Devils (SCC) - Goralnik's Guesses

No need to blink or rub your eyes to make sure you are seeing this correctly. To Wilbur Cross' credit, we are broadcasting our second straight semi-final game featuring the Governors. This time, it's the fellas that have the chance to advance to the finals and it will take a revenge win over West Haven to get there.

Now I know Coach DeMaio is trying hard to stump me but I have been on a roll. So much so that Goralnik's Guesses is now two games over .500 with a 9-7 record. And now, he gives me the chance to (and I emphasize) correctly pick the girl's and THEN the boy's from the same school?! What a storyline. I can see the headlines now... "Both Wilbur Cross Basketball Teams Are In The Finals And One Man CALLED IT!"

Taking Wilbur Cross is a strong play here. I know they are the #5 seed but don't forget, they are also the defending champions. The SCC crown is theirs to lose. And you can't deny they are playing their best basketball of the year. Well that all sounds good; so what's the gut punch you ask? These two teams played each other in the regular season and West Haven beat Cross by 13. Then you think of the fact that the Blue Devils are the #1 seed and you get the feeling that they got this one in the bag. Well I'm here to say not so fast. Cross is great and there is a lot to be said about a team that has the confidence of the reigning champs. Regardless of the fact that Coach and Henry will be down in West Haven tonight, Wilbur Cross feels at home in the SCC tournament because they've been there. Add in the fact that they can get some revenge against the Blue Devils and I present you a very compelling case. Marry my defense with the storyline and we have a perfect match. I would be crazy not to pick the Governors....right?

Well, not that I ever needed to reassure you of this, but I am indeed crazy. West Haven is the #1 seed. West Haven knows they can beat Wilbur Cross. The Blue Devils are at home in the first year of their brand spanking new gym and it's begging for a championship banner. In order to get that, they need to knock off the defending champs. Tonight is a night for the Devil dressed in Blue. West Haven will get the W and advance to the SCC Finals (Friday March 26th). I thought about dropping a Goralnik Guarantee but I can't bring myself to make such a bold bet against such a great storyline in Wilbur Cross. But I will say, I feel very strong about this one and here's a guarantee you can take to the bank... tonight's game will be another dandy! Be sure to watch with us and hear Coach DeMaio's play-by-play all in one place.... right here on WELI.COM!

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