#3 Governors at #2 Tigers (SCC) - Goralnik's Guesses

Are you kidding me?! #3 Wilbur Cross vs #2 Daniel Hand. Both teams only have 1 loss each and a combined total of 22 wins. Yes, both of these teams are really stinkin' good. But at the same time, that is what we expect when it comes to a conference tournament semi-final game. It will be an absolute dandy!

There is one common opponent to look at between these two teams and that is Guilford. Both teams played Grizzlies at some point in their season and ended up with a 30+ point win over them. So that doesn't tell me much. If you look at who each team has lost to, it doesn't help either. Wilbur Cross' only loss was to Sacred Heart Academy, who has a really good team this year, and Hand's only loss was to Sheehan, who is also a really dominant team. So in other words, they both lost to a really strong team.

Ultimately, Daniel Hand is the home team so you would think if I'm on the fence, the home court advantage would sway me but, on the contrary, I'm going the other way with this one. Wilbur Cross lost to SHA early in the year and it was only a 1 point loss. On top of that, they have only seemingly gotten better throughout the course of the season. In fact, since that loss to the Sharks, Cross has won the remainder of their games by DOUBLE DIGIT POINTS! That includes wins over West Haven, Amity, and Shelton. The Governors are... oh how do you say it... .ROLLING!

The final factor weighing in on my selection is the fact that Hand's only loss on the year came at home. The 11 point loss earlier in the year to Sheehan tells me that this Tigers team, albeit very talented, is capable of choking on their home court. Tonight, Wilbur Cross will expose the flaws of the Tigers to march out victorious.

For the first time all winter season, Goralnik's Guesses is in the green. With Saturday's win, I am now 8-7 on the year. Since Saturday was a stamp of Goralnik Guarantee, I feel as if it is worth mentioning that I am 2-0 with the stamp of guarantee. Tonight, however, will not be a guarantee. Far from it! Both teams are capable of winning this battle and a battle it should be. We are in store for a tremendous semi-final game tonight and you would be crazy not to watch along with us with the play-by-play on WELI.COM.

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