#9 Yellow Jackets at #8 Gaels (SCC) - Goralnik's Guesses

Welcome to the playoff edition of Goralnik's Guesses! I know many of you didn't think I would make this point but a rally at the end of last week leaves me and my followers with a 6-6 record. We pulled back to even with Saturday's W and just in time for the postseason. Although, all that really means is the competition gets tighter and the games get harder to predict.

Fret not young grass hopper. Today, you are reading a WELL-INFORMED Goralnik's Guesses. It should be a great matchup tonight between #9 East Haven and #8 Shelton. There is only one common opponent between them and that is Cheshire. Yes, the same Cheshire who has lost to pretty much everyone this year (sorry Rams fans but it's the truth). So that is not a strong indication but to compound the problem, there is an inconsistency on the CIAC website. It has Shelton beating Cheshire by 10 on both teams' page but East Haven and Cheshire are both listed as the 60-56 winner of their matchup. In other words, Shelton definitely beat Cheshire but East Haven either defeated Cheshire by 4 or lost to them by 4. I'm not sure. I'm also not phased. It will not matter.

You read that right.... the Cheshire game doesn't matter. So what does, you ask? I'll tell you. One team is coming into tonight's game on a 3 game win-streak and the other team enters the contest on a 4 game slide. So tonight comes down to our old friend Mo. MOMENTUM! It's all about momentum and East Haven is riding a lot of that. Both teams haven't played in 12 days so they both may have a little early rust to shake off but, ultimately, East Haven will pull this one out tonight! They have won three straight games and face a team in Shelton who has wound up on the losing end of a lot of close games this season. Tonight should be no different.

Be sure to watch this game with Coach DeMaio's play-by-play right on our WELI.COM webpage!

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