Green Knights at Blue Devils - Goralnik's Guesses

In case you did not have chance to join me at the end of last week, you missed some heat! That's right, Goralnik's Guesses hit a groove and rattled off back-to-back wins to push the overall record to 3-4. Even with all of this momentum, it will not be easy. Wherever Coach DeMaio is while he's reading this, I know he's laughing. Timing is everything, right?! With a chance to get back to even, I have pleasure of predicting The Battle Of West Haven!

But it is much more than just a big game, it is also the tone-setter for this entire winter season. I have a chance to pull back to a .500 win percentage on a Monday of a full-broadcast week. Oh yeah baby, we have 5 games to bring to you this week, with Thursday night being our only night off. And have I ever been more ready for it? My first two-game winning streak; my first chance to be even since I was 0-0; the luxury of pulling even at the beginning of a full week of games. The problem is... it all hinges on tonight's prediction. Pressure? I think so.

So the stage is set and I know you all are dying to know who I am taking. C'mon Brian, stop stalling. Fine. You've called me out. Yes, I have ABSOLUTELY been stalling. We are talking about two dang good teams. But since I have to make a call, here it is: this game is taking place in the brand new West Haven gym and the Blue Devils will refuse to bow to the Green Knights. Not on their court and certainly not when they come in to the game undefeated. You are reading this correctly. The West Haven Blue Devils will move to 6-0 on the season after they hand crosstown rival NDWH their third straight loss on the year. Most good teams like Notre Dame don't lose three straight. And you better believe if this game was a home game for the Green Knights, I wouldn't have the same prediction. But tonight belongs to the Devil dressed in Blue.

It's The Battle Of.... you do not want to miss this one. You can watch this game and get the play-by-play courtesy of Coach DeMaio right here on our WELI.COM webpage!

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