Green Wave at Mariners - Goralnik's Guesses

Welcome to the "Sauna Saturday" edition of Goralnik's Guesses. I know that your mind may be wandering or hypothesizing what I could possibly mean by "Sauna Saturday" but I would bet that most of you are over thinking it. It is simple; everyone aboard this ship sailed to victory last night as I nailed the Spartans win over the Gaels (and still managed to get some DELICIOUS baked good if anyone was wondering). So the tagline "Sauna Saturday" is a direct reflection to the that fact that I'm heating up BABY! And since we have a Saturday night broadcast, a battle for Milford on the frozen tundra, a trip to the spa is in order. So relax and join me in the steam room as I continue to heat up.

If you have followed along with me, then you already know the start to Studio Predictions has been a difficult road. Many coin-toss games and rivalries where records get thrown out the window have challenged me to the tune of a 2-4 start. And this broadcast week, we have seen every road team win. That's right, it's the week of the road warrior and I might as well ride the wave, or should I say Green Wave. There's just one problem. I won't do it. I refuse. I am saying damn the trends and I'm siding with the analytics! Deep down inside, I know that Milford Coop is the better team. I can give you common opponent results that would support my claim; however, it's another rivalry game so who really knows? Eventually a home team is going to win on our broadcast and tonight is as good as any.

When I type these out, I tend to tense up and get stressed out. I often think about many different outcomes but ultimately I have to remember... we are chillin' in the spa tonight... It's all good baby. It's ALLLL GOOD. The Mariners will swim their way through the Green Wave to victorious waters and the steam building behind Goralnik's Guesses will continue to grow. Don't blink but I might have to change this blog to Goralnik's Generally Great Guesses. But I'm not putting the cart before the horse so I'll hold off on that one.

Join me on the beach, a.k.a. WELI.COM, and watch this battle at the Milford Ice Arena with all of the play-by-play courtesy of Coach DeMaio!

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