Spartans at Gaels - Goralnik's Guesses

Ok, it's that time again. I know the world is waiting with baited breath. It's time for another edition of Goralnik's Guesses.

I will admit, I came into Wednesday's broadcast a little overconfident after a solid win on Tuesday night. Some would say it's bumpy start to the official Studio Predictions aka Goralnik's Guesses, but I would contest that thought. After snapping my 3-game losing streak, I couldn't cash in on back-to-back nights with a W. With the split on our mid-week broadcasts, I want to remind you all of one very important thing: even the most lucrative stocks have ups and downs! That's right, despite some of my early dips, you should have faith in me for the long haul! And lets not waste any time on that return on your investment.

Coach DeMaio throws me another coin toss as our Friday night broadcast brings us to Shelton. Oh yeah baby, the Gaels play host to the Spartans of Amity. Both teams are riding a losing streak. Both teams are well coached and have recently had very successful teams. Both teams have also lost that star talent and taken a step back in terms of overall team skill. In other words, both teams are well matched. Here's the kicker... this game is a double-edged sword. Either I roll with the home Gaels, who probably haven't had many 4-game slides, if any, under the watch of Coach Gardiner, or I bet against Mrs. Coach DeMaio's alma mater and potentially lose a shot at baked goods.

Unfortunately for my stomach, I hope Mrs. Coach will not be too offended by the following statement: Tonight is a night that belongs to the black and gold. Tonight, Coach Nielson will march his Spartans of Amity through Shelton triumphantly! It'll be a good win for Amity, but not nearly as good as Mrs. Coach's baked goods (my last ditch effort to stay on her good side!).

Nonetheless, my new losing streak is a short-lived one and we get back on track in Shelton. As always, be sure to watch the game with on right here on WELI.COM. Follow along with us to find out if Goralnik's Guesses is in the green once again!

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