Highlights Boys Hockey: Amity vs NFI

Saturday afternoon's game between New Fairfield-Immaculate and Amity  at the Bennett Rink in West Haven started out as a nip and tuck game, but the 3rd period exploded turned it into a lopsided affair as NFI would roll past Amity 7-1

Amity would get the scoring started with a goal from Jason Csejka and would take 1-0 lead into the 2nd period. That's about all the offense they would be able to muster as  they would be held scoreless on the last taken 25 shots on goal. 

Aaron Dibble and Sam Mitchell would score goals in the 2nd period for a 2-1 lead going into the third for NFI.  In the third, NFI would explode for 5 goals turning a close game into a rout in which 6 players scored goals including the "Hummel Hot Dog Player of the Game" Joe Robinson with a multi-point game.



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