COMING SATURDAY: How to fix SCOTUS | Alan Dershowitz | Ep 83

< br />Legal scholar and defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has a message for partisans dividing America: "A plague on both your houses." He voted for Hillary Clinton. He endorsed Joe Biden. He's a man who is basically the Forrest Gump of American judicial history. Look up a big court case over the past few decades, and you'll probably see him standing in the background. He's represented notorious clients like Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst, Harry Reems, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and yes, Donald Trump. It's made him a target for both the Left and Right. He describes himself as a "civil libertarian," and that's probably why he and Glenn get along despite their opposing politics. His story is like a history lesson, spanning half a century. It also just might be the key to bridging the political divide. Alan explains why he trusts the Supreme Court despite losing high-profile cases there and how he played a "teeny tiny role" in Trump's Middle East peace process. At 82 years old, Alan is still a fighter, and while it annoys him that he has to defend his legacy and reputation against accusations surrounding the Epstein case, he says, "I will win!"