Titans at Grizzlies - Goralnik’s Guesses

Saturday afternoon hockey at the Bennett is always fun but when you put Sheehan and Guilford under the same roof to do battle, you get the spectacular. I expect this afternoon’s game to be a great one heard on WELI and watched right here on this website.

Our “Guilford week” has been a very good one for me. The success of the boys in green has translated to a couple wins for me this week, including a much needed hockey win on Wednesday night.

Sheehan is no slouch though, to say the least. The Titans have had a strong season thus far and may be the best team Guilford will face to-date. As much as I want to go for the Guilford three-peat, I fear the Titans too much. Sheehan will prove to be too much for Guilford tonight.

Be sure to watch this game with Coach DeMaio’s play-by-play on WELI.COM!

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