Tigers at Governors - Goralnik's Guesses

Tonight, I am putting my undefeated basketball record on the line again as we take a trip to see Wilbur Cross host Daniel Hand in a boy's battle! 6-0 on the hardwood this year and 7-2 overall, I am faced with a difficult decision in tonight's contest.

Riding with the Tigers last night in a girl's underdog win over undefeated Sacred Heart, my heart tells me to keep riding the Tigers to the promise land. But tonight's matchup is different, featuring the boys and a much different scenario. The Governors of Wilber Cross are playing the with the crowd behind them tonight and it will be Hand who must face the hostile environment. Another major difference is the fact that Wilbur Cross will enter tonight's game having lost two in a row. Now normally that would raise a red flag and tell me to stay away from them because they are not playing good basketball at the moment; however, this situation is a little different because the Governors are a good team and if they lose at home tonight, they will sink to .500 with a 3-3 record.

I understand I make a compelling argument and it feels easy to say, "this is THAT moment in the season where Wilbur Cross turns it around and picks up some moment." Not so fast..... Hand is a darn good squad as well. What a difficult dilemma!

Now to buy myself some time because I am still having the debate in my mind as I type this out, I want to remind you all to watch this epic battle with us right here on the WELI.COM webpage. Watch this game with Coach's play-by-play!

Ok, I guess I have stalled enough. Because I have to make a pick, and because I have a feeling they will show some pride tonight, give me Wilbur Cross exploding out for a big win over Hand as the Governors catch some fire and fight off falling to 3-3 on the year. Let's be honest 4-2 does sound much better so I'm rolling my undefeated record with Cross. And to answer your next question, no I am most definitely not comfortable enough with that pick to make it a guarantee, but I do have a strong gut feel on this one. One thing is for certain, it should be a great game!

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