Grizzlies at Panthers - Goralnik's Guesses

This is an unusual post this because Saturday evening, I took my first L of the season. Sitting at a solid 3-1, today's game is a major turning point for me. 4-1 looks a thousand times better than 3-2 and only one game over .500.

Tonight's game is a broadcast staple for Coach DeMaio as we will take in the Guilford Grizzlies and the host Platt Tech Panthers. Platt Tech typically plays well at home and certainly has the firepower to hang with the likes of Guilford.

The Grizzlies are in an extremely tough division and need to win every winnable game they can. Tonight's game would qualify as a winnable game, and they certainly need to make good on their chances if they are going to be playing extra basketball this season.

If we weren't broadcasting the game, I might roll with the Panthers of Platt Tech. Seeing that Guilford's Coach is the son of Coach DeMaio, you can bet he will have his team ready to bring their A-game. This is, after all, a chance to make a name for yourself all across the world! No, we are not a nationally broadcast station, but we are globally streamed channel. In other words, listen to this game and any other games that we do anywhere you go on the iHeart Radio app. Also be sure to watch the game with Coach DeMaio's play-by-play to see if we get back to our winning ways. Make sure you tune in on WELI.COM.

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