Academics at Tigers - Goralnik's Guesses

Welcome back to the most winningest blog you can find! After a strong but unsurprising 2-0 start to the Winter broadcast season, I face my first real test. Hillhouse is a solid team coming off of a big win to start their season so they will certainly have momentum riding high coming into this matchup.

The host team, the Daniel Hand Tigers, will play their first game of the year which means you really don't know what to expect. Will they come out hot to start the season or is there some sloppy play and rust that needs to get ironed out? These are all very difficult questions that I don't have the answers to.

I do know one thing. As Coach said in his pregame blog post, both teams will be fired up. Both teams are well coached and have good rosters. So that leaves the fans and Covid-be-damned... I'm siding with fans! Give me the Tigers at home to kick off their season the right way!

Be sure to watch the game with Coach DeMaio's call on WELI.COM!

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