Tigers at Green Knights - Goralnik's Guesses

The phrase 'playing with house money' is certainly applicable this season. Sitting at a dominant 9-2, anything else this football season is a cherry on top. With that being said, we don't like losing here on Goralnik's Guesses. Tonight brings us an intriguing matchup between Hand and Notre Dame WH.

Believe it or not but it's hard to imagine a season where neither Hand nor Notre Dame WH have a playoff football team. Hand is not completely out of it yet but they will need some help, regardless of if they win out or not.

Notre Dame WH is certainly a proud bunch and you can bet they will bring their best battle to show up for the home fans. Plus, spoiling any outside chance Hand might have at the playoffs is certainly something the Green Knights will rise up for.

The problem is, I think Hand has a talented roster but was faced with a gauntlet schedule. Because of that, they are the superior team in my mind so give me the Tigers with the road with tonight!

Be sure to watch the game with Coach's play-by-play on our WELI.COM webpage!

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