Thanksgiving Leftovers Apizza

Many is the year I ate Thanksgiving leftovers alone. My kids just weren't about it. When I was the one who was the kid, I used to make my mother and I delicious omelets with the leftovers, but I just know my kids would grimace at such a suggestion.

So I got smart. In this age of "artisan pizza" it was a no-brainer. Heck, it was already a Christmas morning tradition that I make a breakfast pizza (white, of course, with scrambled eggs, bacon and/or sausage, mozz), so this was in a lot of ways long overdue.

These days you can grab dough in any pizza joint and at most grocery stores. You definitely want to go with that, and not a store-bought, pre-made frisbee of crust. Lob it onto the kitchen counter for an hour or so to watch it get nice and fat, and douse it with flour. Then, get to rolling.

What you put on your Thanksgiving Leftovers Apizza is obviously up to you. Cranberry sauce could result in one of my kids not talking to me the rest of the weekend (which might not even be such a bad thing), but you might find that burst of flavor - in moderation, of course, to offset the turkey - delightful. I probably would.

My first was basic: Again, a white pie, with turkey, stuffing, and mozz. Delish! My kids loved it too, especially my son. The next year I added sweet potatoes to it, and really took things to the next level. This year (pictured) some butternut squash is in play.

This year I even made a single-serve pie topped with the green bean casserole that everyone ignored. It was spectacular. Bon appetit!

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