The Majority of CT 0/Branford 16,000

I'd never gotten a "seek shelter NOW" warning on my phone before. My kids say they have, but damned if I can recall EVER seeing this prompt. Down into the basement we went, sitting in the darkness, listening to the wind whip and crashing sounds that made us fear the worst. Still, we somehow managed to giggle - albeit nervously - as I lit a candle and we waited it out. The waiting wouldn't be long. At all. We took to the stairs cautiously, certain we'd open the door to see broken windows, branches reaching in. But, no. A sizable branch from an enormous tree in front of the house had snapped off and missed the house by a hair. Others were not so lucky. Roofs were caved in, cars destroyed - the pictures hit social media in no time.

Lamont spoke at 6:30 - by then every generator was purring in the neighborhood - and he said Branford was hit the hardest, and East Haven and North Haven have seen significant damage and downed trees and power lines as a result of the violent storm that ripped through the region.

Lamont said later that 15,000 of Branford's 16,500 Eversource customers are tied to one substation and if that is put back online, many will regain power. But added he can't make promises for Eversource. But will he hold them accountable. I've had power personally for a third of the month of August. Will that be reflected in my bill?


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