Online Petition Protests Eversource Energy's electricity "delivery charge"

"Delivery?" You're not an oil company. You don't physically bring anything to our homes. You send it through old, weathered, corroded wires. Yet here we are.

Electricity customers in Connecticut are noticing bills with higher prices this month, the result of a deal approved last year between the Dominion Power Station and Lamont administration. The bill increase will continue through the end of the year. The primary source of the increase is the Millstone nuclear power plant, Eversource officials said.

The petition appeared on over the weekend and the signing commenced immediately. Why wouldn't it? Despite the timing of when the deal was hatched, it feels like little more than price gouging, especially with hundreds of thousands of state residents unemployed or furloughed because businesses were forced to shut to slow the coronavirus. In addition, many more are working at home and using their computers and charging their phones and Connecticut is sweltering through a heat wave, driving up electricity use for air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Click here to see the petition.

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