CT Republicans...Wha Happen?

Republican lawmakers loudly objected to the ballot boxes Secretary of the State Denise Merrill bought for every town in Connecticut, but only two voted not to expand voting by absentee ballot in the November election. (Did Merrill buy therm herself; where did that money come from?)

The House voted 144-2 in favor of a bill that allows anyone concerned about going to the polls on election day to vote by absentee ballot. Concerned. Not unable. Concerned. And this despite myriad Republicans raging against the very notion for months. Kudos to Reps. Whit Betts and Cara Pavalock-D’Amato of Bristol for at least standing their ground and voted against the bill, however futile.

Rep. Vincent Candelora voiced his concerns nonetheless: “It really is about making sure every vote is counted.” Candelora said the absentee ballot boxes Merrill bought for every town are not secure. He said they can be tampered with or something like water could be poured inside.He said that’s why the town of Wallingford moved the box inside town hall.

But get this: Merrill swiftly requested Wallingford to move the box outside. Have we all lost the ability to compromise?

“Our office has grave concerns about your unwillingness to protect the health and safety of your voters by providing them with a safe and trusted method of contactless delivery of their absentee ballots,” Deputy Secretary of the State Scott Bates said in a letter to the Wallingford.

Republicans sought to amend the bill Thursday to allow for some regulation of the boxes, but were unsuccessful. So they just voted in favor of the bill instead.

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