Clark's Was A Special Elm City Spot; Legendary Eatery Has Closed For Good

My mother's professional career in New Haven took place at a doctor's office on Trumbull Street. She ran the office (Dr. Poverman, for those who might be curious), and I practically grew up there. That being the case, I often wandered the immediate area, which was pretty easy to talk my late mom into when I was young, what with a great comic book store right across the street, called the Paperback Trader. Man, the memories! I bought some of my most treasured Marvel comic books from the Paperback Trader.

And right across the street from there was Clark's Dairy/Clark's Pizza, which served the best BLT that I've ever eaten in my life. I ate many a BLT at Clark's and I am so happy I was able to get both my kids in there for a bite a few times when they were very small and attending the Neighborhood Music School before it was announced just a few days ago that it'd be the latest classic Elm City to spot to call it quits. Joining the ranks of the Yankee Doodle, Richter's, The Educated Burgher, Cutler's, and so many other fab places.

A gal named Lynne that I grew up with in Morris Cove got her first job there and seemed to work there forever. I know I'll forever link her to Clark's when I endeavor to fondly recall it, especially as I was always so fond of her.

Maybe its time was coming no matter what, and the shutdown was the tipping point. Either way, we won't be tipping chocolate milk into our mouths to wash down one of their spectacular omelettes, or a Foxon Park soda to do the same with a slice of sausage & mushroom anymore. It'll be missed.

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