How Does Protesting At A Mayor's House Help Anything?

This wasn't even about George Floyd. It was about a guy who ran from an officer after arguing with him for 20 minutes, cursing him out, lying that he was a Walmart employee while possibly trying to rob one, and while vigorously resisting arrest was handcuffed and taken into custody "appropriately," according to New Haven Police Chief Reyes.

Still, from roughly 8 p.m. Friday to almost 1 a.m. Saturday on the front lawn and driveway of Mayor Justin Elicker’s house in East Rock, dozens of protestors - mostly white - shouted through megaphones and demanded the arresting officer be fired. With two VERY small children inside the house. And Elicker's wife.

The individual assaulted the police officer in the process of resisting arrest, so there's that charge. Along with interfering with a police officer, larceny fifth degree, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. The New Haven Police Department released body camera footage and an incident report, but that came after a short, edited bystander video went viral on Facebook. Now that the FULL video can be seen everyone is singing a different tune.

But in the meantime, two toddlers will never forget this night.

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