American Ingenuity: 'Food 2 Go-Go'

An Oregon strip club forced into the takeout-dining business in the age of the coronavirus has returned to its burlesque roots by offering delivery and drive-through services featuring exotic dancers - a concept the owner has promoted as "Food 2 Go-Go."

As has been the case across the country, the governor allowed carry-out and deliveries for all of the businesses shuttered during this time.

Determined to keep his business intact, and his head above water, 'Lucky Devil' owner Shon Boulden retooled his kitchen to offer food for delivery the very next day, though receipts plummeted absent the club's usual main attractions of scantily clad dancers and a cash bar.

Boulden then suggested in a Twitter message that the club would send its dancers out to deliver food.

The tweet was a joke until it went viral.

Within weeks, the Lucky Devil was up and running with two new adult-entertainment options - a drive-through pole-dance show for carry-out orders, and food deliveries by dancers - accompanied by bouncers to enforce proper social distancing.

The club charges $30 extra for each option. Food prices have been kept the same.

"The response has been awesome," Boulden says.

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