'One World' Concert Proves We ARE Together At Home

Eddie Vedder stole the show for me. Well, he was the first one to anyway. His brand new song "River Cross," off Pearl Jam's new record "Gigaton," released only week's ago, captivated. "Share the light," he repeats at song's end (notice the photo taken this morning of a Pearl Jam pic and the way the morning sun bounces off it) - "Won't hold us down."

But then The Stones came. The elder statesmen didn't skip a beat, even if there might have been a better song choice in their considerable canon than "You Can't Always Get What You Want." The only more curious song choice of the night was John Legend singing "Stand By Me" at a time when we need six feet between each other.

Keith Urban brought the energy and a subtle nod to the heavens above by doing a wicked cover of the Steve Winwood hit "Higher Love." Billie Joe Armstrong's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" was both moving but also alluding to a time-frame that many - if not most of us - just couldn't possibly imagine.

But, Taylor Swift's "Soon You'll Get Better" was the stuff of highlight. Brought tears to my eyes.

Still, catch Vedder's "River Cross" performance here. He remains one of rock's most guttural, formidable and, yes, mercurial voices and forces.

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