How To Get Governor Lamont On Your Radio Show

Regular listeners of The Vinnie Penn Project know what a struggle it was to get candidate Ned Lamont on the show, with almost daily updates being given of times being arranged, only to then be postponed; rescheduling taking place, only to ultimately lead to emails not getting replied to or phone calls being returned. Ever again.

Questions being given in advance was even put on the table.

Finally, one interview did take place - clearly begrudgingly, due to WELI's line-up of radio talent and its conservative bent, despite Penn's standing as an Independent - and that was due to the fact that one of the final gubernatorial debates was arranged by CT's Broadcasters Association, who made it a must.

Since then....back to radio silence.

But, lo and behold, having been a radio fixture in CT for a quarter of a century it wouldn't take long to uncover that Lamont's resistance to do radio interviews wasn't limited to conservative talk. He'll do some radio here and there, but he remains elusive, dodgy, and it turns out the best way to secure an interview is to call him names. He recently phoned in to one radio show unplanned, simply due to hearing that he'd been referred to as "Governor Dumb-Dumb" earlier that morning. It was later stated by the host of that show that he'd been trying to get the Governor on for a whole year. This is what it takes to make interviews with an acting governor happen?

Well then Governor soon?

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