NFL Giants, Patriots Lose, Jets Win; College BB UCONN Men Win

In the final week of the regular season in the NFL, the Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 34-17. The Giants finished 4-12. The Eagles won the NFC East and are in the Playoffs.

The Patriots were beaten by the Miami Dolphins 27-24. The Patriots finished 12-4 and will play the Tennessee Titans in the 1st Round of the Playoffs. Miami finished 5-11.

The Jets finished on a winning note beating the Buffalo Bills 13-6. The Jets finished 7-9. The Bills are in the Playoffs.

Men's College Basketball

UCONN 69 NJIT(New Jersey Institute of Technology) 47 The Huskies are 9-3

Women's College Basketball

Quinnipiac 87 Hartford 50

College Hockey

Dartmouth 4 UCONN 3

Quinnipiac 4 Princeton 3

Photo credit to Getty Images

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