Biden's Invitation To Heckler

"Sleepy Joe Biden" might actually be more fitting than any of us knew. Joe Biden seems a bit off while traveling the country, as if the little bit of time off he had got him SO well-rested he isn't fully awake yet. From gaffes (his latest being that he met with the Parkland survivors while he was VP - and the Parkland shooting happened over a year after he left the White House) to heckling, he's having a rough time of it. But here he handles one heckler in the best way possible, and not just by saying he too lost a loved one - his own son. He handles the heckler well by inviting him backstage after his speech, letting security know that the guy's got clearance to get backstage in the process. You can hear the man shout "I will" if you listen closely. I just think Joe might have been inviting the guy to a fistfight too. And I'm not so sure he'd win anymore.



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