The Cover of the 'Rolling Stone'

Please understand: I'm not opposed to the March cover of Rolling Stone magazine because of who is on it. I'm opposed to it because of who is not. Ya know, a musician. Or musicians, plural. Or even an actor or sitcom cast. But, really, musicians. It's Rolling Stone after all, as coveted a score at one point in time for an up-and-coming artist as Carson's couch was for a comedian. Ever since the loathsome Tsarnaev cover, wherein one of the infamous "Boston bombers" was posed seductively as if he were a pop sensation, I've wondered what became of what had been one of my favorite magazines ever. And that's because it gave me music news, artist interviews, movie reviews, and basically all things concert and/or TV & film.

My favorite Rolling Stone covers are (in no particular order):

A naked John Lennon wrapped around Yoko Ono, January 22, 1981

True Blue-era Madonna, September 10, 1987

Cast of "Seinfeld", July 8 1993

Blaze of Glory-era Jon Bon Jovi, July 1989

AC/DC, November 13, 2008

Cindy Crawford (hey, listen, she was hosting a show on MTV at the time!) 1993

Jennifer Love Hewitt (hey, listen, she made a few records, and one of them is really good! great cover of "Me & Bobby McGee") October 2002

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