Music Makers & Whiffenpoofs

Co-Ed Just Like That - WhiffenPOOF!
Co-Ed Just Like That - WhiffenPOOF!
Yale's famous glee club The Whiffenpoofs are ending their more than century-old tradition of being male only.

When Branford High School's storied "Music Makers" makes music with Yale's Whiffenpoofs it's sure to be a sight to behold. And hear. The 'Poofs have been singing a capella since 1909! All the more reason to watch these two groups merge, if only for the day, as a portion of the proceeds goes to the now coed 'Poofs being able to continue doing their thing. Check them out here singing, of all songs, "The House of the Rising Sun," with - for some reason - someone dressed as one of The Incredibles. Great stuff.


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