Annual Elf Party Getting Bigger Every Year


The Callahan Family is one of Branford CT's most popular families, and it's been that way for years, ever since the three little boys born to parents Dave and Paula began creating "their pack," riding their bicycles, playing ball, being adorable and rambunctious and everything three brothers very close in age are expected to be. 

One year they had an "Elf Party" at their house that was such a blast that they doubled down the next year and the whole neighborhood got involved. Summer before last, middle son Ben, passed away in a drowning incident, and one would think that would be it for any parties, let alone an elf one. 

But the Callahans don't roll like that. Plus, Ben was born on December 23rd. The party is now bigger than ever, held at the local middle school, and their Christmas spirit contagious. 


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