90's Rocker Gets His Lennon On in New Haven

Royston Langdon achieved international acclaim alongside his brother back in the mid-90's with their glam rock band Spacehog. Buoyed by the success of their hit single "In The Meantime" they went on to make a few more records while Royston also embraced fatherhood, having a child with Liv Tyler, daughter of legendary Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. 

But that was then. 

Langdon has called NYC home for the past 10 years or so and now fronts a band named simply LEEDS. The band's full-length, "Everything's Dandy!", can be reminiscent of solo John Lennon, an observation Langdon was both taken aback by and appreciative of. He then shared an interesting tidbit about the late Beatle with Vinnie Penn, as he prepares for a stripped-down Monday night show at New Haven's Cafe 9.   



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