KFC (Finally) Brings The Waffles

Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffle menu includes, of course, fried chicken—in this case, the brand has chosen to pair waffles with its Extra Crispy variety in the form of tenders, bone-in chicken, or a Hot Honey filet for the sandwich version (yes, they indeed took two waffles and made a chicken sandwich).

Right?? The sandwich sounds perfect

There were 15 different attempts before zeroing in on what the Colonel himself could sign off on - and I don't mean George Costanza's Colonel (actor Jason Alexander recently ventured into the revolving door that is playing the Colonel these days).   

So, how does a crispy piece of chicken atop a Belgian Liege-style waffle sound, drizzled with some Mrs. Butterworth's syrup? Chicken leg, thigh, or even boneless for that matter, and served all day, every day. The true go-to item, however, will no doubt end up being that sandwich - that, my friends, will be finger-stickin' good!   

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