CT-Based Halloween Costume Possibilities

1.) Rosa DeLauro One need only Google Ms. DeLauro's name and click on "images" to see the kind of sartorial opportunities that lay in wait. Or you can Google "Mrs. Roper," too. 

2.) Richard Blumenthal No, you can't wear American soldier combat garb to be "Da Nang Dick" for Halloween; just a Navy blue suit, red tie, part your hair on the side and grease it down significantly, plus have a TV camera on you as you trick-or-treat. 

3.) Jim Calhoun This one would probably get you thunderous applause. Whether a Nike shirt with whistle or loosened tied and suit that looks like you have been doing back-flips in it, Calhoun is one of CT's more larger-than-life luminaries. You'll also need a few huge rings, do some shouting, and a little prosthetic action on your neck for that vein that's always protruding as he shouts at his players.  

4.) Bob Kaufman C'mon, you don't know the real name of Bob from Bob's Discount Furniture? The commercials are a YouTube away to see the very simple yet ridiculously recognizable costume you need assemble. Come on down!

5.) Eliot Tatelman Seriously? Even the guy from Jordan's Furniture? You don't know his name? Well, surely you know him, as his commercials are on a loop on TV. The Jordan's shirt would be a dead giveaway (but a Red Sox jersey works too) and if you don't have the hair for his signature ponytail they're easy enough to get at any costume shop.  

6.) New Haven City Hall Employee I hear the uniforms are sweet. 

7.) Senator Ted Kennedy (see accompanying photo)

8.) Vinnie Penn (see accompanying photo; skin caps at every Dollar Store in the state) 

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