Kavanaugh Threw Ice At New Haven Bar; VP Was There

A then 21-year-old East Haven resident accused the college-aged Kavanaugh of throwing ice on him in the September 1985 incident, which was recorded in a police report that was obtained by the New York Times. One of my best friends at the time lived next door to the accuser. 

Throwing ice - oddly - was commonplace at Demery's in the mid-80's. This was an Elm City hot spot where Yalies, students from Southern and even high school seniors from the suburbs all collided on a regular basis in drunken dazes, though none ever veering towards blackout territory. Just doors down from Toad's Place, Demery's typically boasted quite a line, the dance floor was always packed, and fists did fly often. 

Typically, the Yalies were on the receiving end of said fists. 

I recall this night of chaos, as my friend was concerned about his neighbor, and the police showing up in full force. Fact is, police at Demery's was also commonplace. This was just another Friday night at Demery's in the mid-80's. The bloodshed was neither spectacular nor was it groundbreaking. 

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