Ben & Jerry’s Midterms-Themed Ice Cream Flavors

Here are The Project's suggestions for headline-inspired ice cream flavors: 

Alyssa Milano Cookie Dough The outspoken star of "Mistresses" has a name that just screams ice cream. And don't we all scream....for ice cream? 

Stormy Daniels Bourbon-Flavored Watch out, though. This one will kick you in the a**. 

Mooch Mint The only problem here is that it'll pass right through. 

Chachi Chip Cookie With Scott Baio's twitter numbers booming, a tasty ode to his tastiest role. 

Rudy Tutti Frutti A colorful confectionery containing various chopped and candied fruits, Giuliani would no doubt find it delightful. 

DANana's! (Or during March, "Malloy Madness") Don't slip on a peel when you get up to the register; this one's taxed like nobody's business. 

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