Haddam Selectwoman Kneels...Makes Fool Of Herself

In a Facebook post on Friday, in response to the controversy she caused at a meeting in couldn't-be-further-from DC Haddam, Connecticut, with maybe 7 people in attendance, Schlag explained her decision to kneel, saying she "...knelt out of extreme sorrow..." for the country after President Trump met with Putin. 

Okay....? So, your "extreme sorrow for a meeting," which is no doubt moreover a disliking of Trump, compelled you to take a knee during a Pledge of Allegiance to YOUR COUNTRY, and the men and women who have died under the very flag you're disrespecting? 

Even the town's First Selectwoman, Lizz Milardo, found the posturing absurd. She released this statement: "It is unfortunate that Melissa has decided to use our meetings as a forum for her own personal interests. The flag does not represent a president or issue you take exception to it represents our nation and freedom that others have sacrificed and defended for the rest of us. I have many residents upset. Haddam has a long and proud history of veterans and residents that are proud to stand for our flag.This selfish act of attention does not belong in a town meeting. However I am not surprised as when Melissa was the First Selectwoman  she had the American flag removed from the office and put in storage. I am mediately rectified that after I won the election. The flag proudly hangs in my office."


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