An Ode To Anthony

A few years back I had one - I repeat, ONE - pair of tickets to see Anthony Bourdain at The Shubert in New Haven. I announced I'd be at the Wine Thief, a venerable high-end wine shop just around the corner from the venue, starting at two hours before Bourdain was set to take the stage. "If you win," I repeatedly stressed, "be ready to head to the show straight afterwards." Drawing was to be literally less than ten minutes before showdown. 

My boss questioned my logic. "You're making it practically impossible for them," he insisted. But I had interviewed Bourdain on my show only a few days earlier, he took a shine to me unexpectedly, and suddenly I had tickets. I didn't plan on any of this! My wine Thief was appearance was already in place and I just thought, "Let me add it to the mix." 

I hadn't been all that familiar with the guy 'til that point, but the interview left a mark. He was all things at once and yet one of a kind. This world-traveling, food-loving, punk rocking poet laureate with the emphasis on the ate. Despite the mark, though, I saw passing these tickets on as the right thing to do. 

Cut to 6PM and a crowd of people there as if U2 were about to do an acoustic set. Talk about a fan base! And they all hung in there 'til the winning ticket was drawn, minutes to spare, with all the "losers" thunderously applauding the winner. 

I hope you enjoy what I crafted in his honor here. RIP, Anthony. 

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